vendredi 24 avril 2009

Daria (eng)

Daria’s voice isn’t illegal ; she merely sets out the misery of the situation. Her peculiar low-tone vocal existence has the background of a computer but the acuracy of an inspector. The smartest sentence always hangs on her, but she doesn’t even care to take show. There’s an other unilogist character in her universe though, another single-tone, a character that doesn’t even care to be taken as a part of the intrigue going on, it’s Tiffany, Quinn’s friend at the Fashion Club ; you know, the Chinese girl ? the one with the extended voice on « wrong » in « this place is so wrong… » and other sarcastic attitudes ? She’s here as a mere vocalization of her own character. Daria’s additional power of this independance from fiction stands in making no choice, in assuming a place of "homme sans qualités", of free mind surrounded by always possibly stubborn people. Criticize would be a level Daria’s way up already, or that she couln’t possibly put on words any longer. She’d better say « Is there any grammatical problem with the word intolerabler ? » or « Define : angry » than getting angry. The irony of  american humor achieves here a sort of auto-protection contest. What’s illegal with that ? Every attempt on happiness gets a lousy face, and still the attempts on happiness find some luck, since Daria evolves in life. Season 4 struggles diplomatically with chances of happiness, and Daria’s way of spiritually rejecting the idee has to be confronted to the issue of being wrong. If illegal, it's against her own laws. 

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